Caiden’s CIRCUS Themed Birthday Bash!

This past Saturday was a busy day on my calendar. First I had the Melrose Riverfest Parade (thank you all for showing up! don’t forget to use your discount cards before the deadline) and right after that I had to hurry over to my sisters house to celebrate Caiden’s first birthday!

I had worked with Jess from Polkadots & Pirates through my friend Darcie, and I had told Krissy about her party supplies. Needless to say, Krissy fell in love with them (who wouldn’t!) and HAD to order the circus collection for Caiden’s Party. The stuff was so awesome! Krissy and Billy threw a great party for their little man and we all had a ton of fun!

Caiden- Happy Birthday! You are the best little nephew, and you always make me smile! I hope you enjoyed your elephant and monkey filled day. Enjoy all the new toys you have to play with. One small piece of advice from your uncle: never eat those nasty orange foamy circus peanuts. Looks can be deceiving… they are not good AT ALL! 🙂

Here are a few photos from Caiden’s day:











Go check out more of Polkadots & Pirates party supplies by clicking the image below:

Adam Hommerding Photography- MN Photographer

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